Joakim Borda

Sunday 8 November 2009 until Sunday 6 December 2009

Living History is a solo exhibition of work by Martin Karlsson. For several years Karlsson has documented sites of living history, creating a huge archive of photographs, drawings, films and derivative objects that challenge our notions of history and authenticity.

Friday 17 April 2009 until Sunday 17 May 2009

Feed Thy Soul presents an exhibition of paintings, video and drawings by Martin Gustavsson and Matteo Rosa, curated by Joakim Borda.

Saturday 4 October 2008 until Sunday 19 October 2008

The Beautiful Children exhibition hangs an uncomfortable collection of images invisioning strange children of uncertain futures.

Sunday 2 March 2008, 6.00pm until 9.00pm

imagine art after: Satellite Talk will discuss issues raised by the recent exhibition at Tate Britain, ‘imagine art after’ with curator Breda Beban and invited guests.