Monday 22 May 2006, 2.00pm until Wednesday 24 May 2006, 6.00pm

Aura - the stuff that forms around you

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Manchester based artist Steve Symons will be in residence at E:vent for a period of three days when interested public, practitioners, sound artists, visual artists, computer programmers and engineers will be invited to engage with his new work around immersive sonic environments using binaural sound and surround sound. Following the success of ‘Aura - the stuff around the stuff around you’, an immersive sound experience made for a single user, Symons has been researching and developing a second phase of the work for use in a multi-user and collective environment. Through a custom-built backpack, participants are invited to enter an environment - either outdoor using GPS to provide pointers for the sound or indoors through the use of simulated ‘cells’ or hotspots - that alters, through sound, their perception of the project environment.

Two workshops will be held where participants will be asked to feedback to Steve on his work and talk about their own experiences of making sonic or locative media art work. This will be followed by a discussion session on Tuesday evening. Steve is open to different possibilities for presenting new content on the aura system and the workshop will provide a platform for exploring ideas together.