Saturday 4 October 2008 until Sunday 19 October 2008

The Beautiful Children

The Beautiful Children consists of a series of scenes that take place inside a (makeshift) stomach chamber of an iguanodon dinosaur. Inspired by the famous Iguanodon Dinner of 1853, when Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins hosted a dinner for 20 prominent scientists of the day inside one of the dinosaurs he was commissioned to make for the Great Exhibition, this project recreates the stomach chamber and hosts a dramatic programme of performances and screenings, each of which contributes to an unsettling sense of foreboding in the face of possible extinction. 


3rd Oct 2008, 7 - 11pm
- Immaculate Conception, dinner performance by Foreign Investment
- The Night of the Hunter, audio/visual performance by Fergal and George Brennan

5th Oct 2008, 2 - 5pm
Apocalypse! film screenings and fanzine publication from Kino Fist
- La Soufrière (1977), Werner Herzog
- Threads (1984), Mick Jackson

12th Oct 2008, 5 - 6pm
Teatime, performance by Cyril Lepetit

12th Oct 2008, 6 - 11pm
Horror! film screening from Liam Scully and Vanessa Scully, and storyboard performance by Liam Scully
- Its Alive (1973), Larry Cohen

16th Oct 2008, 7 - 11pm
Vanishing Point: The Vicious And Virtuous Circle, launch event for the latest issue of /seconds published by Peter Lewis

17th Oct 2008, 2 - 5pm presentation by Shiho Fukuhara as part of her artist residency at ambientTV.NET

18th Oct 2008, 7 - 11pm
Victorian Gardens, soup by Verina Gfader and Gerald Straub



Part of The Wharf Road Project organised by V22The Wharf Road Project brings more than 20 innovative contemporary art initiatives together for the first time in a central location, creating a seminal showcase for the more unusual and innovative. The Wharf Road Project is not an art fair, but a large-scale exhibition featuring the best of London’s specialist and experimental art spaces, complemented by a programme of performances, screenings, music and guided tours.

Participants include: The David Roberts Art Foundation; Martin Creed for V22; Martin Westwood for V22; Carter Presents; David Risley; E:vent; The Hex; Parade; Seventeen; Stedefreund, Berlin; Supplement; Collecting Live Art; Everyday press; Fieldgate; igloo; Linda Persson and Natasha Rees; PILOT; Poignancy passing Muster; TOM ROWLAND FINE ART; Truck Art; MOT Presents: THE NEW DOME; Fergal Stapleton, courtesy Carl Freedman; Laura White invites Alison Wilding, Bettina Buck and Phyllida Barlow; Peter Jones, courtesy of Pizza Horse and the Fat Sisters; Frog Morris with Lee Campbell; Matt Williams; Dallas Seitz, Lisa Penny & Trevor Hall.

Thanks to Pol Mclernon for his help constructing the installation.