Friday 23 November 2007, 2.00am until 6.00pm

CØDEshop Conference (1)

CØDEshop Conference (1) in its present form is a series of interconnected events that address contemporary issues on the sites of cultural producers, audience, institutions. Locating our project in diverse places and contexts, we try to include this relation of content and movement. 

This first day of CØDEshop Conference (1) conceives practices that in a wider sense address the archive, the in’s and out’s of archiving, distribution and reassemblage of material(s), materialities inherent in processual work, the discourse of time-structures.

John Seth will present some strands that run between the work-seth/tallentire project and his own practice, involving an approach to collaboration and event.

Uriel Orlow will present some video work on the archive and memory. 

Beryl Graham will talk about her current project – archiving years of CRUMB discussion lists.

Peter Lewis will discuss his work with /seconds and present his archive of invitation cards.

Simon Gould will present The Office of Experiments, the first ever broadcast from John Latham’s FlatTimeHouse.