Saturday 18 March 2006 until Thursday 23 March 2006

In The Field

In The Field presents three location-based sonic art projects. 

Broadcasting from the glittering mirror-tiled boat, Celestial Radio voyaged around the coast of Britain in search of the answers to life’s big questions, artists Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich, will present documentation from this unique journey, which they entitled “How the Universe Synthesised itself into Being”. 

Duncan Speakman presents a soundwalk through the gallery building. When the listener reaches the roof the walk becomes an aural telescope, as they looked out across London towards the city they hear an editied sequence of location recordings Speakman made on a walk from the Swiss RE building back to the gallery. The narrator was collecting sounds that didn’t have the energy to travel to the listener, and delivering the recordings as a gift.

RADIOTAXI, presented by Simon Keep, creates temporary site-responsive FM / Web radio fiercely committed to neighbourhood participation through a serious engagement with sound, liveness and listening.