Saturday 12 December 2009, 12.00pm until 1.30pm

film< >juxtapositions

The screening event film< >juxtapositions asks questions around films on gardening and, in particular, addresses: the garden in film; who is acting in garden films; the garden film as peripheral – anti mainstream (why? In what way?); the skin of the film as in/organic material; the body as organism and technology. Introduced by different curators and artists and opened out to the audience the discursive event aims to re/search different approaches to the subject, conceptually, experientially, sensorially. The programme includes  Jay’s Garden, Malibu (2001) by Mark Lewis, Dennis Oppenheim’s Leafed Hand (1970), Margaret Tait’s Garden Pieces (1998), and We Saw (2009) by Peter Todd, (all works on video).

Organised in collaboration with film programmer Johanna Blair and Picturehouse Cinemas.