Sunday 22 March 2009, 3.00pm until 5.00pm

Miss B's Salon, Psychoanalysis and Cinema

The speakers will briefly introduce Bernardo Bertolucci’s black & white short film Histoire d’Eaux (2002) in the general context of his work. Then show it in DVD format (it’s mostly silent, but with a few Italian words and English subtitles, and it lasts 12 minutes) and discuss it mainly from two perspectives: (a) the importance of the temporal dimension in psychoanalysis and in cinema; (b) the symbolic significance of the theme of ‘water’ which, like that of time, is central to that film’s narrative. We intend to spend the rest of the session discussing each other’s brief presentations and taking questions and comments from the floor.

Andrea Sabbadini is a psychoanalyst and chairman of the European Psychoanalytic Film Festival
Michelle Williams is currently working on PhD at Goldsmiths College and teaches at MFA Art Practice course