Thursday 5 July 2007 until Sunday 29 July 2007

Mobile Phone Video Art Classics

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Mark Amerika‚Äôs recent artwork has investigated the emergence of digitally constructed identities, theoretical fictions, meta-histories, and collaborative networks. In his new artwork, Mobile Phone Video Art Classics (MPVAC), the artist composts various art personas and artworks into a narrati ve sequence of mobile phone video images that conjure up both the spirits of the past as well as hauntological actors of the present.

Part DVD installation, part PowerPoint presentation, and part blog performance, MPVAC re-edits art history using low-tech mobile phone technology and simple iMovie software. Starring Salvador Dali, Bruce Nauman, Mark Amerika, Nam June Paik, Baby Jane Holzer, Susan Sontag, Marilyn Manon, and Madonna as themselves.