Friday 24 November 2006, 7.00pm until 10.00pm


Expressing ideas of temporality, identity, memory and aspiration, Passage shows individual and subjective perspectives on the concept of crossing borders and the experience of being in between places.

The most obvious case is directly related to the exhibition’s setting and context: crossing national borders, with its systems of immigration and import controls. Technological advances have enabled the contemporary traveller to overcome these limitations with relative ease and comfort. This exhibition explores the time and space between departure and destination, the zones of transit.

These zones are not limited to the traveler’s experience of crossing geopolitical borders, but occur in a much wider context when we try to transgress intellectual, imaginary or cultural frontiers, or explore the limits of our own bodies.

The works shown in Passage each present a personal perspective on these zones of transit. Passage aims to make the viewer actively aware of their current environment as well as reflecting on their experience of crossing borders in general.