Tuesday 2 November 2010, 7.00pm until 9.00pm


The End
Christopher Maclaine, USA, 1953, 16mm, 35 minutes

“Ladies and gentlemen. We asked you before to insert yourself into the cast, now we ask you to write this story. Here is a character. Here is the most beautiful music on earth. Here are some pictures. What is happening?”

The End follows the last day on earth for six of ‘our friends’ living in the shadow of the atomic bomb. Cryptic camerawork and disjointed cutting conspire to salvage narrative from unrelated images, accompanied by a barely coherent rant of existential despair. An anti-film infused with dark, ironic humour; deliciously inept and inadvertently glorious.


The screening series PLENTY proposes a new way of looking at artists’ films by showing only a single work, regardless of its duration. Each film is given the freedom to unfold on its own terms, and the viewer is given the time and space to consider it.

Part of Brief Habits programme curated by Shama Khanna.