Monday 11 June 2007, 8.00pm until 11.00pm


In June 2007 Berlin based double bass player Klaus Janek and Helsinki based sound artist Marko Timlin will play a concert tour that will lead them to London, Berlin, Helsinki and several summer festivals all over Europe. In their concerts they combine free improvisation, modern sound art, sonic experimentations and urban club culture into an intriguing mix. They do what they love most: creating musical energy and share it with the audience.

Both musicians have a past of curiosity deep exploration in music, Timlin on drums and Janek on double bass. The curiosity didn’t stop reaching the edge of what is possible on their instruments, but went and still goes further, Timlin by inventing virtual and analog instruments, Janek by working on pure acoustic sound possibilities of the double bass in combination with a loop-station, the laptop as sequencing instrument and sound-manipulation.

Klaus Janek - double bass, ableton live, analog effects
Marko Timlin - percussion, electronics, self made instruments
Matt Wade - visual composition