Saturday 25 March 2006 until Thursday 30 March 2006

Sound Screens

Sound Screens showcases works by artists who blend audio and visual material to create stimulating collages taken from a broad range of sources including urban landscapes and pop culture.

Installations presented here include selections from the new Disinformation “Sense Data and Perception” project, classic Disinformation space physics recordings and material from Disinformation’s visual repertoire - the “Spellbound” and “Blackout / Antiphony”.

The entire A/V back catalogue of People Like Us will be presented including 16 years of CDs, radio, and A/V multimedia.  People Like Us spins a witty and dark view of popular culture with a surrealistic edge, both pre-recorded and in a live setting. 

HFRLab present Cityscan, an audiovisual journey through different cityscapes re-essembled into an imaginary geographical map. HFRLab’s work challenges the conventional music video format by creating unique environments that are navigated by remote control.