Saturday 23 April 2011 until Sunday 29 May 2011

Suppono Subpono

Part of Brief Habits programme curated by

Suppono Subpono is an exhibition of new and existing work from the Provincial Forge series by David Osbaldeston and Joe Devlin re-presented in London with a response by Lawrence Leaman.

The three artists share a concern for the speculative nature of making. Osbaldeston and Devlin’s Provincial Forge is mostly a set of sculptural forms made from the pages of art publications including a-n (formerly Artists’ Newsletter UK), The W. C.(White Columns US) and The Jackdaw (UK). The cumulative work underlines the impermanence of ideas circulating within the overarching narrative of the canon, with the effect of destabilising this historical script.

The work also questions the idea of progress by uncovering the contingent experience of artists positioned outside mainstream distribution channels. The sculptures are chance experiments made in collaboration, their appearance is small and fragile and they ask only to be looked at. Seen in series, they exist somewhere between pure information and ‘auratic’ shadows of the subjects and materials they reference.

The simplicity of an encounter with Lawrence Leaman’s work belies the layers of process applied; from refining and re-making, re-drawing to finally lightly sketching out the very basic shape of an idea. He describes how Osbaldeston and Devlin’s collaborative work Provincial Forge,

“seems to resonate with my own in the following aspect: the attempt to engender different speeds of production and consumption, and in particular make use of slower methods of re-production (to those of contemporary visual culture). I like to live with an image, over an extended period of time and facilitate alternatives to the streaming, blogging and tumbling of the internet.”

The three artists similarly consider the image as an object, with a design and function which often allows it to stand freely as its own support. This integral strength asserts the work against a constant tide of information and association crowding around it.

Closing event Sunday 29 May 2pm: join the artists and curator in a discussion about the exhibition.