Saturday 18 June 2005 until Sunday 3 July 2005

Syntax Root: Loop

Syntax Root: Loop presents an exhibition of video works by American video artists DJRabbi - Chad Mossholder, Jutta Wolfert, Mark Amerika and Rick Silva. The show presents two works, Codework and Supercollider.

Codework centres around two figures, an artificial intelligence known as the “Digital Thoughtographer,” and a disembodied woman whose scripted voice-over telepathically communicates with this alien shadow figure. Amerika’s painterly video style is synchronized with the stereo and 5.1 surround sound versions which are made in collaboration with the sound artist Chad Mossholder and utilize the voice-over of Berlin actress Jutta Wolfert.

Supercollider, by Rick Silva, adopts a ‘database documentary’ technique. Frames are stitched together and edited one by one without regard to linear time. The default for our video cameras is to record images sequentially in time, but imagine if the video camera were to record the way the human mind remembers? Something like Supercollider may result, an impression of space and time just as ordered as it is chaotic; where fleeting pattern recognition is the default. Supercollider is composed of over two thousand frames, each frame consisting of four separate images, with up to 16 seconds of exposure time per image.