Friday 25 January 2008, 7.00pm until 10.00pm

Use This Kind of Sky

A fully functioning society is not one in which all antagonisms have disappeared, but one in which new political frontiers are constantly being drawn and brought into debate – s democratic society is one in which relations of conflict are sustained, not erased.’  Claire Bishop, ‘Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics’, MIT Press

The project Use this kind of Sky continues with the launch of the online publication following on from its previous manifestations as a gallery show, video installation, radio broadcast and film and video screening. The publication’s focus is on the theme of antagonism and the importance of a continuous critical engagement with contemporary situations and the strategies employed in making art practice an effective ‘generator’ for change. The publication is devised to be ‘in process’ , an important feature of the project as a whole, it will remain in a fluid state as material is added to or ‘re-edited’ by the editors over time; additionally there is a section titled ‘Forum’ which will operate as a platform for regularly changing, images, texts, sound and moving image material relative to the publications theme.

The publication has invited artists, curators and critical writers to enter this deliberately fluid ‘in process’ virtual space, without any sense of being a group or a movement or for that matter of the same philosophical or political persuasion, and share their ongoing ideas and concerns, their critical observations and creative obsessions. This coming together of similarities and differences, of points of connection and disconnection, of crossing and colliding trajectories will reveal an agenda of contemporary views, positions and anxieties.

The publication is edited by Paul Eachus and Nooshin Farhid.